About me

Hi, I'm Tim Baelde 15 years old. and live in the Netherlands. I am in high school at X11 media design and ICT. About when I was 12 years old I became interested in photography. This started when I went to x11 to see what high school it was and then I heard I was getting photography. The first thing I said was that's not a fun school subject. but when we got home my mom said to me if you want to try there is an old camera in the closet. And then I started taking pictures of my shoes and came to the conclusion that I actually really like it. And now three years later I still enjoy it and I try to learn more and more about photography and want to expand my skills.

"“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”"

—Andy Warhol

Featured Work

iphone 12 Pro
Canon lens
Skatestore - utrecht